RIMA arquitectura is an architecture and design firm established in Mexico City, founded by architect Ricardo Urias and his partner Rodrigo Espinosa in 2004. Their practice began with a clear target: to design innovative projects that improve the quality, wellbeing and performance of its users; including disciplines and specialties that are necessary to create spaces that reflect their client’s image, thus giving the individual or corporate character that each project requires.

RIMA arquitectura is committed to improve the performance and use of the spaces, abstracting the client‘s values ​​and identity and analyzing their needs. Using their multidisciplinary expertise, together with new technologies, RIMA imprints each design with their own identity: comfortable and unique.

In addition to design, they build their own projects combining all available architecture and interior design specialties to make sure that the result is always functional, high quality and simply original.


In RIMA Arquitectura we pursue specifically residential, commercial and corporate projects:

  • > Architectural Design
  • > Executive Project
  • > Project Supervision
  • > Construction

Interior Design

  • > Custom design and production



Founding Partner

Arq. Rodrigo Espinosa


Alberto Benítez

Alejandro Vázquez

Bonifacia Aguilar

Carlos Martínez

Daniel Mendez

Daniel Rodríguez

Daniel Tlapale

Daniela Pereyra

Diego Gutiérrez

Edwin Chulim

Enrique Loyola

Esmeralda Alducin

Frank Lynen

Guillermo López

Gustavo Ortíz

Iván Regino

Jonathan Castañeda

Jonathan Gómez

Jorge Martínez

Lenin García

Leticia Hernández

Luis Animas

Manuel Sánchez

María Martínez

Mauricio Sánchez

Mónica Valdez

Omar Romero

Osvaldo Estrada

Poli Suárez

Paulina Roldán

Pedro Sosa

Raúl Ascorve

Raúl Camacho

Raúl Gómez

Ricardo Ata

Rocio Leguizamo

Sergio Roqué

Víctor Florentino

Yoni Delgado